Unit 5 Assignment: Algorithms and Modeling Outcomes addressed in this activity:

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Unit 5 Assignment: Algorithms and Modeling
Outcomes addressed in this activity:
Unit Outcomes:
Define algorithm.
Synthesize the importance of modeling in software development.
Describe modeling techniques.
Read a flowchart.
Read pseudocode.
Write code from a given flowchart or pseudocode.
Course Outcome:
IT213-3: Create plans for programs using an understanding of historical development of programming techniques and appropriate modeling techniques.
The purpose of this assignment is to use modeling tools, such as flowcharts and pseudocode, for planning and documenting programs. Flowcharts show the flow of a program’s logic at a glance. Some brief pseudocode is also incorporated into the shapes to show processing logic. Pseudocode is used to more closely model the actual code without regard to any particular programming language’s syntax. Pseudocode should show the programmer every bit of processing in a program to be useful in writing the actual code.
Assignment Instructions
This assignment consists of two parts. For the first part, you will be creating a flowchart diagram and writing pseudocode to document a solution for the posed scenario. For the second part, you will use the provided model to complete a program in your selected language path.
You can create your diagrams in Visio®, Word, or PowerPoint® (using drawing tools in Word or PowerPoint) or draw them out by hand and share photos.
Assignment Requirements
For this scenario, you will create both the flowchart diagram and the pseudocode for a program that will accomplish the following tasks (remember you are just doing the modeling for part 1 not coding):
Average five grades
Display the average
Display a message as to whether the average is passing or failing (average above 60 is passing)
Create a flowchart diagram that depicts a loop that requests five grades to be entered by the user one grade per iteration.
Total the user entered grades and at the end of the looping display the average and incorporate a decision statement to evaluate that average and display “Congrats, you passed” if the grade is equal to or above 60 or “Sorry, you failed” if the grade is below 60.
Using the flowchart diagram you just created as a model, create a pseudocode version of the same program.
Hint: refer to the Web Readings for this week for a short video demonstration of pseudocode and flowcharts.
Include both your pseudocode and flowchart in a single document.
Note: If your language of choice is Web Development, you will need to complete the exercises in both PHP and JavaScript.
Using the language in which you have chosen to focus: C#, Java, web development languages (PHP and JavaScript), create a program that accurately reflects the pseudocode shown below:
Create a string variable called sentence
Set sentence to the phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
Starting at the beginning of the sentence, examine each character, until you reach the end of the sentence.
When you find a blank character that indicates the end of a word, extract that word, increment the word count and print the word.
Continue until you reach the end of the sentence.
Print the total word count.
Hint: refer to the language specific readings assigned for this week for tips on parsing strings.
1 The
2 quick
3 brown
4 fox
5 jumps
6 over
7 the
8 lazy
9 dog
Total of 9 words.
Directions for Submitting Your Assignment
You will be submitting both the Word document for part 1 and the program source file for part 2.
The source code file is the file in your project that contains the code you wrote. You will only need to submit the source code file for your program and not the entire project folder or any additional project files. Below are listed the file extensions for the source code file for each language:
.cs file for C#
.java file for Java
.php and.js files for Web Development
The two files should be named as IT213_YourLastName_UnitX_Part 1 and IT213_YourLastName_UnitX_Part 2. Both files should be submitted to the same dropbox for submission.


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