What impacted you most about the video/reading? Why? [150 words]

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.End of Term Opportunity Start AssignmentDue Friday by 11:59pm
Points 0
Submitting a text entry box or a file upload
File Types doc, docx, and pdf
Available Mar 30 at 8am – May 27 at 11:59pm about 2 months
OverviewDue Friday before finals week by 8:00 pmThe administration of justice system has many flaws. In recent years, we have been reminded of this through news and other media. This assignment is intended to remind us how we can do better in the administration of justice.To earn extra credit you’ll need to either read or watch one of these options and then continue with the instructions and headings/prompts provided under “Required Headings/Response Prompts”.Viewing/Reading OptionsUse the college’s library – media resources. Visit either Kanopy or Swank within the media resources area of the library. Locate and watch one full-length film with a criminal justice theme that we did not review in our course. After watching the film, complete responses to the “Required Headings/Response Prompts.”DetailsThis is an “all or nothing” opportunity. You will earn 50 points if the submissions is submitted exactly as requested.
If there are errors or omissions in the submission, no points will be awarded.
If the plagiarism review tool matches in excess of 15%, no points will be awarded.
If you submit work that is not your own, no points will be awarded.
InstructionsThis submission will be in your own words. Please do not be tempted to use the work of others.
Watch or read one of the listed options – no other selections are allowed.
Duplicate the “Required Headings/Response Prompts” below and respond in a questions and answer format. The number in brackets represents the approximate word count required for the specific response.
After each response for 3 – 7 include the number of words you used in your response.
Use APA formatted citations/references.
Required Headings/Response PromptsTitle:
In your own words summarize the content of the video/reading [150 words]
What impacted you most about the video/reading? Why? [150 words]
What did you learn from the video/reading as it relates the administration of justice? [150 words]
Make three specific connections between the video/reading and our course. Tell me how the video/reading relates to our course. You must provide citations to specific course concepts – including text page numbers. [200 words]
What can a professional (police officer, detective, attorney, judge, evidence technician, as examples) in the administration of justice do to minimize issues addressed in the video/reading? [100 words]
ResourcesAccessing Library Resources From HomeLibrarian Felicia Kalker narrates a quick screencast that demonstrates how to access scholarly journal articles and ebooks via the library website. Video also shows how to log in to the library from home.AuthorFelicia KalkerUpload DateApril 3, 2020


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