Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanat

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.PREP FOR FINAL POSITION & RECOMMENDATION REPORTDescriptionThe Proposal Memo is the first ‘step’ toward completing your capstone writing assignment—the Position & Recommendation Report (i.e., the Final Report). We begin by asking you to write a professional memo outlining the key components of the report.The Proposal Memo provides an overview of what you are thinking about for this larger assignment—What topic will you write about? What sources will you use? Why are you qualified to conduct this research/how does it contribute to your academic and/or professional goals? These are questions you address in the Proposal Memo.We want to see that you have started to conduct the necessary research and writing for this assignment and that you have a solid plan in place. Additionally, this assignment provides an opportunity for you to practice professional memo writing and employ document design techniques.To get started on this assignment, complete this step-by-step ‘Project Brainstorming’ worksheet — (uploaded on files)Memo Format RequirementsThe memo should be written and formatted per professional memo standards. Consult Chapter 9 (see the section titled ‘Writing Memos’) for guidance on professional memo writing. Additionally, consult Chapter 7 for guidance on designing professional documents.Use the following design elements in your memo:1-inch margins for the entire document (click here (Links to an external site.) for instructions)
Single-spaced and block-style paragraphs (i.e., enter one time to begin a new paragraph)
12-point basic font (e.g., Times New Roman)
Bold font for headings; italics or underline for sub-headings
Bullet points and/or numbered lists (i.e., to make the memo easy to scan/follow)
NOTE: Sections 1-4 listed below should appear as bolded headings within your memo (Proposed Topic, Purpose and Research Methods, Mini Annotated Bibliography, and Author Qualifications). Create logical sub-headings as appropriate when designing your memo.- Note that I am in economics student if that require to help you finding an interesting topic(but it is not necessary).(1) Proposed Topic: (10 points)Within this section, clearly explain what your topic is and the ‘sides’ or perspectives you will be addressing (e.g., Side A and Side B). Additionally, explain why you are interested in writing about this topic.(2) Purpose and Research Methods: (15 points)What is your topic? What is the problem or situation you seek to address?
What are the two ‘sides’ or perspectives of this issue or problem? Briefly explain Side A and Side B or at least two perspectives.
Who is the primary audience for the report?Is your audience knowledgeable about your topic, or will you need to discuss terms/concepts in greater detail to provide context?
How does this problem or situation affect different stakeholders and demographics?How might this study benefit stakeholders locally, regionally, nationally, or globally?
Why is it important to write this report? Why should we care?How might your report contribute to current and past research/papers?
What research methods will you use in your project (i.e., will you use secondary sources only, or will you also include some primary sources [survey, interview, etc.])? What steps will you take to ensure diverse frameworks and perspectives** are included? ** Note: To incorporate diverse frameworks and perspectives, please consider factors such as gender, class, socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, profession, religion, and other identity markers/experiences.
(3) Mini Annotated Bibliography: (15 points)Identity 3 sources (peer-reviewed journal articles or books) you will use in your report.
Provide a summary of the article and how it pertains to your paper in a paragraph format.
NOTE: MLA or APA citation format is required. (*5 points per source and summary)
(4) Author Qualifications: (10 points)Explain why you are qualified to carry out the project you are proposing. What academic qualifications do you have (consider courses you are taking and/or have completed that provide you with knowledge on your subject)? What professional qualifications do you have (do you have a job [current or previous] that provides you with professional knowledge about your subject)? And finally, consider your personal interest in the subject (we want you to write about a topic that interests you) – why are you personally interested in this topic? This is where you ‘sell yourself’ to the client (in this case, your Instructor). Why are you the best person for the job (e.g., why should they select you for this project)? *This section should be at least one paragraph–Please follow everything step by step- Please look at the grading rubric and make sure you include everything(uploaded)


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