Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing exercise and need guidance to help me le

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing exercise and need guidance to help me learn.Question 1a. Draw the morphological structure tree for the word: miscommunications b. Are there any inflectional affixes in the word above? If so, list them. c. Are there any derivational affixes in the word above? If so, list them. d. In the word above, what are the bases? List them.Question 2 Name the morphological word-formation process illustrated by each set of words. Be as specific as possible. When the data is from another language, make sure to pay attention to the words in the original language rather than the English translation. Assume that the words on the right of each arrow were created from the corresponding word(s) on the left of each arrow. English:a. Caesar → ceasar ____________________________________________________(Caesar Cardini, restaurateur) (type of salad) b. Englishbartender → bartend ____________________________________________________c. Frenchlaboratoire → labo ____________________________________________________laboratory laboratoryd. Spanishcantante + autor → cantautor ____________________________________________________singer + writer singer-songwritere. Englishwalk (V) → walk (N) ____________________________________________________f. Afrikaanskrap → krap-krap-krap ____________________________________________________to scratch one’s self to scratch one’s self vigorouslyg. Arabickalb → alkalb ____________________________________________________dog/a dog the dogh. Romanianfi → eu ____________________________________________________to be I amQuestion 3Draw the morphological structure trees for the words unrelatable and distrustful. Your structures should match the interpretation of each word illustrated by the sentences below.a. I can’t relate to this story at all, and I don’t think anyone else can either. It’s completely unrelatable! b. My friend had a bad experience with dogs as a child, and now she feels distrustful of them.


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