What OTC drugs (active ingredients) are available to treat the following common cold and cough symptoms?

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Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.
Use Canva.com (Links to an external site.) or another infographic development to design a patient teaching aid about OTC treatments for colds and cough. Use PO drugs only.
Include the following required six sections. You do not have to use these exact words for headings, but they should be labeled to identify the intended topic.
What OTC drugs (active ingredients) are available to treat the following common cold and cough symptoms?
Nasal decongestants
Cough suppressants
Pain relievers
What is the recommended dose and frequency for each generic drug (active ingredient)?
How do I know which one to take?
How do I know which OTC medications are safe to take with others?
When should I stop taking the OTC medication selected?
When should I see my healthcare provider?
Lay language for patients rather than professional language
Use of graphics, images, etc.
Use PO drugs only
References & Participation
References used should be noted at the bottom of your infographic in a smaller font as not to distract from information provided but also validating the information came from a reliable source within the last 5 years.
References should be from either your textbook or a professional source such as American Gastroenterological Association, Prescriber’s Desk Reference, etc.
References should not be from sources such as MayoClinic, WebMD, etc.
Additionally, avoid use of journal articles for this assignment as you are looking for a more global consensus than that of one journal article.
Student provides a response to at least one topic-related post of a peer.
Student responds to all direct faculty questions OR if student was not asked a direct question student responds to either a 2nd peer post or a faculty question directed towards another student.
Provide a screenshot of your completed infographic.
Highlight the date the infographic was created (see example in image).
The infographic submitted must match the screenshot submitted with the assignment.
The date the infographic is created must coincide with the session in which it is submitted.
Submit your infographic and screenshot to the course discussion board by Wednesday 11:59 PM MT.
You must submit the infographic itself (not a screenshot of the infographic) and the screenshot showing the completion date each as their own file. Each can be either a PDF, JPG, or DOCX – but each must be its own separate file.
Subsequent posts, including substantive responses to peer(s) and faculty questions, must occur by Sunday, 11:59 PM MT. A total of three substantive posts are required on two different days.
Infographic: Design an Infographic using Canva (Links to an external site.)by following the video instructions below.
Hello, today we are going to look at a website called canva.com. That is C-A-N-V-A.com. This website will let you create infographics, worksheets, social media, lots of different picture media-related kind of things. We’re gonna focus today on infographic. You can see here that Infographic is listed. If you don’t see Infographic when you pull yours up, you can search for it there. canva.com is a free website that you can sign up for to create some of this stuff. So when you choose Infographic, notice that some of these are marked free and some of them are not. So the ones that are not marked free, of course, are not free. And you would have to pay to use them. So using this for a class, obviously just choose one of the free ones that you like. These templates are really easy to use. You can kinda scroll through and see which one visually appeals to you, that you like. Some people like more simple colors, two tones. Some people like more colors. That usually kind of boils down to personal preference, but you may have some directive from your instructor on some criteria about that. So if you do have some instruction about numbers of colors, or simplicity, or complexity of your infographic, be sure to pay attention to those guidelines. So this random one I chose here is The Best Health Apps. This is a preformed infographic. Of course, I wanna change this to my own information. And you can tell here, to look at it, I could click on these boxes and edit them, but it’s really small. So you can use Ctrl and your + to make that bigger and easier to work with, okay? So whatever your topic is, just change your title. So say our title is, Health Promotion. And you can see how Promotion did not all fit on that line. So you can drag that box out. You can move this box around. Play with it like that. You can move your stethoscope over, maybe, if you’re having trouble fitting your title. So you can move things around like that. If you wanna change the background color, we’ll do that over here. You could change it one of the free pictures, or you could change it to a different solid color. So say you like yellow better. This right here would just be a little introductory statement. You’ll notice it’s just three lines long. You can’t get too wordy with these things. A place to put your name as the author of this infographic. And then you would just simply change all of your things here. So pretty simple to use the templates. There’s lots of different choices. You can change your text. Let me show you how to change this stuff real quick. If you want to custom color, you can click on this box up here. Chose these solid colors, or if you have a hex code you could use that up here. Sometimes you have a specific number. If you’re working with marketing groups or things like that, you might have a specific color. If you’re doing this for class, you probably do not have anything too terribly specific like that. So say you want a more busier background but then you’re font doesn’t show up, so you’ve gotta pay attention to things like that too. You can change the color of your font to see if that makes it more visual. You can see it better. Obviously better than the black. But is it too busy for your audience to read? So be sure to pay attention to those kinda things. If you make a change, you’re like, I really don’t like how that turned out, here’s your back button right here. You’ll just undo what you did and go back to where you were, okay? So you can filter, adjust, crop, flip. It’s very similar to other tools that you’re familiar with and use all ready. And it really just takes some getting in here and playing around with different things. So you can put grids in, shapes. You could put a chart if you’ve got some numerical data that you wanna represent. Representing that visually in charts is very helpful. When using an infographic, you do have some different illustrations and icons and things like that. So you can start from a plain one, but it’s probably easier to start from a template. So that is canva.com.


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