What is the purpose of schooling? What is the purpose of teachers?

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What is the purpose of schooling? What is the purpose of teachers? How do schools and teachers address the socio-economic, racial, gender, ability, and sexuality issues that students bring with them into the classroom? You will need to prepare an infographic to support your argument, and give evidence to support your beliefs. Your position on these issues should be contained in a well written, cited 8-10 page paper that incorporates your readings and thoughts, Here, your job is explain the framework you operate within as an educator as it relates to the course content. EVERYTHING THAT IS NEED FOR THE PAPER HAS BEEN FOUND FOR YOU. THE ONLY THING YOU WILL NEED ACCESS TO ARE THE BOOKS REQUIRED Reading to incorporate in this paper: Dewey, J. (2012). Experience and education. Hollywood, FL (2012) Simon & Brown. Spring, J. (2016). American education, 17th ed. New York: Routledge. Below are the articles (sources) you can incorporate in the paper based on each topic. You shouldn’t have to look for additional sources, everything is provided here. Gender and Sexuality Girls Bettie, Julie. (2003). Women without Class: Girls, Race, and Identity. Berkeley: University of California Press. Evans-Winters, V. (2005). Teaching black girls: Resiliency in urban classrooms. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. Kelly, D. (2000). Pregnant with meanings: Teen mothers and the politics of inclusive schooling. New York: Peter Lang Boys Kimmel, M. (2009). Guyland New York: Harper Paperbacks. (reprint) Kindlon & Thompson. (2000). Raising Cain: Protecting the emotional life of boys. New York: Ballantine. Watson and Shaw (2011). Performing American masculinities. Indiana: Indiana University Press. Sexuality Pascoe, C. J. Dude, you’re a fag: Masculinity and sexuality in high school. Berkeley: University of California Press. Lang, (2011) Queer bodies: sexualities, genders and fatness in physical education, New York: Peter Lang Publishing. Race Ferguson, Ann (2001). Bad Boys: Public schools in the making of black masculinity (Law, Meaning and Violence). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. Lee, Stacey. (2009). Unraveling the ”Model Minority” Stereotype: Listening to Asian American Youth, 2nd Ed. New York: Teachers College Press. Perry, Pamela. (2002). Shades of White: White Kids and Racial Identities in High School. Charlotte, NC: Duke University Press. Lewis, A. (2003). Race in the schoolyard: Negotiating the color line in classrooms and communities. Piscataway, NJ: Rutgers University Press. Youth Culture Best, A. (2000). Prom night. Youth schools and popular culture. New York. Routledge. Carter, P. (2007). Keepin’ it real: School success beyond black and white. New York: Oxford University Press.


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