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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing and need to help me learn.(Monya Smith) The business could not be considered successful until it generates revenue and profits. Many businesses get closed soon after getting started as there might be multiple reasons why the results did not come as expected.Prospects of Company T:Company T’s business idea was sudden, and it gets successful immediately after launch. People like the idea, and soon after launching the founder gets a request for developing the website of the customers.People like innovation, and any creative idea would have a great chance of success and acceptance. Everyone needs apparel, and with modern technology, now they also get the chance to design their apparel. Every individual has the option to create an internet campaign to sell custom-made t-shirts and other related clothing on the Company T website. Those creating the campaign are also required to design and market the product themselves.For every business that gives more power to the hands of the customers, then the chances of getting and retaining the customers and sales are very high. Therefore, company T also provides facilities to its customers that they do not have to pay upfront for their order.People face the most prominent issue when they order bulk: they have to store the product somewhere. Storage needs payment upfront, as well as the cost gets on increasing. Nevertheless, when Company T takes this burden off the shoulder of the customer, then they like to stay associated with the company.Company T does manufacturing and shipping for the designers. They have installed a printing facility as well. Company T is also providing the facility of promotion. Company T promotes the production of the customers on its social media platform.Company T’s working model can be said as the customer-prone model where they give full rights to the customers as well as they also provide multiple other benefits through which customers can save lots of money. Moreover, they can show the whole world their creativity and innovation. There are not many companies in the market that allows customers to choose their product or even allow them to design as per their convenience. Technology has grown, and competition has been increasing. Every company is trying to do something innovative to capture the market.Develop creative SkillsThe founders of Company T were young students of the university. They were sad as their favorite bar was closing, and in the memory of the bar, they thought that they should do something. So they got an idea to print a t-shirt and sell the same to the customers.Their idea got successful, and they got an order from the customers. They also got a request from customers if they could also create a website for them with a similar pattern and t-shirt idea of their people.Many people are there who are longing to show their creative skills. They want to explore new things. Every person who wants to purchase an item says t-shirt; they go to the store and purchase what they like on display. No one ever thought they would get the chance to design their t-shirt.All those customers who want designer t-shirts would have to visit the website of Company T. There, they will get multiple tools to use which designers could upload their designs, ideas, or slogansThen there would also be an option there where designers could choose the type of t-shirt they want. It means that some might like light color round neck t-shirt whereas some might like hoodie or tank top. The designs will be printed on the t-shirt.Company T’s website has multiple other options, too, from which a designer could choose multiple fonts, icons, etc. The designers also can order quantity as per their wish and get discounts.The founders of Company T brought this creative idea to their customers. They gave a chance to everyone to show their creativity and get the product delivered directly to them and their customers.Apparels are a symbol of fashion. Many people use a t-shirt as a mode to show their mood as well as also to show their support regarding some social cause or when they wish to support some social or sports groupMessage on a t-shirt:Company T was started because the founders wanted to pay tribute to the bar being closed down. They had been attached to this bar, and they thought if they printed some t-shirts, then people who purchased them would remember them for a long time. Company T’s idea had gotten kick start when many people liked the idea brought up by the founders, and they even asked to do the same for them as well. Company T is a business that buildup on the printing and selling of t-shirts.T-shirts are the best mode to express the inside feelings to be seen by other people. The message which could be placed on the t-shirt are:1) Many people desire something funny.2) Social message regarding protecting something like the environment, etc.3) Cartoon characters are favorites of the children.4) Some people like to put quotes on their t-shirts.5) Customers can show their creative side on the t-shirt.A T-shirt is a mode to display the mood of the person. For example, some people like to write quotes on their t-shirt, which displays their mood and what they think about situations prevailing in the country, etc.less


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